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  • The Paradox of Choice

    Have you ever stood in the bread aisle in a gigantic supermarket and been totally overwhelmed by the huge range of options that you had? I definitely have, and I strongly remember a situation in a local supermarket during my Postdoc time in the US, where I felt almost paralyzed in front of a probably 25-meter-long shelf, filled with bread… mehr lesen

  • Networking for introverts

    Take a look at the photo. What is your first feeling, your first thought that comes to your mind? (“Great food, now I’m hungry” or “Where are your face masks???” don’t count). Be honest with yourself: Is this a situation that you would actively seek out and thoroughly enjoy? If your answer is “Yes, this is awesome, I get to meet… mehr lesen

Über mich

Hi, ich bin Iris Köhler. Hier schreibe ich zu den Themen Karriere­planung und Stress­management.