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Scientific exchange with colleagues gives you new ideas and keeps you up to date. Why not use the advantages of a good network for your career planning as well?! Find out here about my free offers for your career planning and networking!

Career PathsCollection of examples

“Careers outside academic research – A collection of real-world examples” is a collection of career paths of academics with a doctorate that is continuously being expanded. This collection is intended to provide an overview of different career paths outside academic research and to help doctoral researchers and postdocs with their career planning and give orientation. Please click on the adjacent link for further information.

You have a doctoral degree and you are working outside academic research? Then I would be happy if you take part in my project! Please fill out the questionnaire and feel free to contact me if you have any questions!


LinkedIn Group“Career Planning”

This LinkedIn group is intended to serve young scientists as a platform around the topic of career planning. Here you can ask questions, exchange ideas and network with other doctoral researchers and postdocs. I also regularly share relevant content, e.g. on interesting job ads or events.

Feel free to contact me via LinkedIn if you are interested in the group and would like to be admitted.

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  • The Paradox of Choice

    The Paradox of Choice

    Have you ever stood in the bread aisle in a gigantic supermarket and been totally overwhelmed by the huge range of options that you had? I definitely have, and I strongly remember a situation in a local supermarket during my Postdoc time in the US, where I felt almost paralyzed in front of a probably 25-meter-long shelf, filled with bread… read more

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You are currently working as a doctoral researcher or postdoc and you have new ideas for offers and formats for the Career Community? Or you have a doctoral degree, you are working outside academic research and you would like to share your professional experience with young scientists? Then please feel free to contact me, I am continuously developing the Career Community.

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