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Stress management & mental health

The doctoral and postdoctoral phase is an exciting and challenging time. Young scientists invest a lot of time, energy and passion in their project. Sometimes the work-life balance gets out of control.

Constant stress, lack of rest, intrinsic stress amplifiers and external pressures can lead to reduced performance and health problems in the long term. It is therefore important to reflect on one’s own stress response and to learn suitable coping strategies and integrate them into everyday life.

I offer you an innovative concept especially desgined for young scientists that combines the beneficial effects of spending time in nature with mindfulness exercises.

Online-/Outdoor CourseTake a break from the lab!

In this online course with outdoor elements especially for young scientists, participants reflect on their current work situation and their individual handling of stress. They learn stress management techniques for a healthy and effective way of working, taking into account relaxation techniques and mindfulness training in nature. Special emphasis is placed on the exchange in the group and the transfer of what is learned into the everyday life of the participants.

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Mini WorkshopMental Health & Stressmanagement

In this short online workshop, the participants reflect on their stress reaction, develop helpful strategies to deal with stress better, and learn relaxation techniques.

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Hybrid CourseMental Health & Resilience

Dealing with stress in healthy ways and becoming more resilient cannot be taught in the classroom within a few hours. It requires time for self-reflection, trying out tools and methods and incorporating them into everyday life in order to achieve behavioral changes in the long-term. This 8-week interactive course raises awareness of stress & mental health and provides a comprehensive toolkit for developing resilience which participants will try out directly in the course.

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